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Evaluating your business performance

  • Do you have a Goal ?
  • Have you defined "Success" ?
  • What does the medium to long term look like for you ?
  • Do you have an idea of where you want to get to or how you hope to get there ?

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This area is designed to support current, up coming, and established senior managers with tools and resources to assist them in directing their businesses, processes, teams and organisation.

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Executives seldom find the time for Continuing Professional Development, but are often in need of quick reference points for key information. This area is aimed at meeting those needs.

Management Team Evaluation Tools

Performance Management Systems (PMS's) are potentially the most powerful tool available to Entrepreneur's, chief Executives, Directors and Senior Managers of SME Businesses today. Despite this fact, PMS's are also, perhaps, one of the most under-utilised management tools.

Used correctly, they can facilitate improved analysis of current and potential performance and a foundational framework for managing future growth and performance.

Our research and experience to date indicates that some of the reasons for their apparent lack of use include:-

  • Weaknesses of historical PMS approaches
  • Lack of management leadership
  • Poor implementation, education & training
  • Inability to get to grips with activity drivers

A lack of published material surrounding real insight into successful implementations of PMS's may be a major contributory factor in the lack of widespread PMS deployment within the SME sector.

Whatever the reason, there can be no doubt that World Class companies have an inbuilt mechanism for Planning, Measuring, Reviewing and Managing Performance (which we term a Performance Management System)

Identify core business processes; document and review them; eliminate waste and re-engineer for success, growth & flexibility; understand activity drivers, non-value added tasks; ask 5 Why's ?

Ensure the optimum level of structure:strategy fit; optimise task vs people focus; ensure Team takes precedence over Ego; essential for senior managers to be thinkers, planners, organisers & doers.

Choose KPI's that will improve processes; create a scorecard framework from a single company wide dataset; formalise performance reviews; instil a culture of Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control.

Formal performance reviews for all core processes; published, transparent outputs; empowerment - ownership - accountability; control intervals tailored to processes; clarity of purpose.

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