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Principal, Martin Haywood, has over 20 years of experience in Business, Financial & Operational Management. Working in Blue Chip and SME organisations; in UK, European and US locations; with, and for, manufacturing, service, leisure and regulated sectors; a key player in Start-ups, Turnarounds, Business Development and constantly changing environments; leading change & systems development, pushing back frontiers with lateral solutions to business issues. As appropriate, World Class tools such as Scorecards, ERP Systems, 6 sigma, etc. are utilised by our professionals & associates at the optimum level with which our clients can best develop and grow.

To challenge PARADIGMS
ALL of our clients attest to having their Paradigms challenged, as well as those who haven't quite made it onto our client list. Coaxing your organisation out of it's comfort zone is one of our fundamental objectives in the drive towards helping them achieve World Class performance.

Paradigm are not just along for the ride, to make a quick buck and exit quietly. We wish to partner you, and, in the process, make a significant contribution towards your success. We are ALWAYS part of the solution, working with you and your team at the right pace for your business.

in Business EXCELLENCE
We utilise tried and tested tools & techniques, using lateral approaches to problem solving, facilitating you and your team achieving your full potential. This may be in terms of Long-Term Growth & Profitability plus other specific objectives which are core to your Vision. We will NEVER settle for less than the best solutions for our clients.

We are a Christian business and will not allow our values to be watered down in the quest for Business Excellence for our clients. With confidential information passing our desks daily we see this as foundational to our continued success and the reputation of Paradigm and our clients.


"To challenge Paradigms, providing Significance in Business Excellence, with Integrity"

The driving factor behind Paradigm is an overriding desire to facilitate people and organisations ahieving their optimum performance potential - individually and as teams.

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